Direitos Humanos no Cotidiano

Esther F. S. Carvalhaes collaborated as a researcher in the creation of the “Manual of Human Rights in Everyday Life” along with 150 other co-authors. The manual is a pedagogical tool created with wide participation of various sectors of the Brazilian society (journalists, intellectuals, artists, police officers, teachers, housewives, etc.). It was designed for government and non-government organizations with the purpose of inspiring translation of the articles of the Declaration of Human Rights into the everyday life of citizens. It was distributed to all Brazilian Embassies by the federal government and all the offices of the Secretary of Justice of Brazil as well as public schools, and various other organizations. It has sparked interest among educators who started using it as a resource to create their own teaching materials on Human Rights, and it was adopted by various Police Departments in the country as a way to stimulate a dialogue among police officers about the rights of all people.