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Carvalhaes, E. (2010). Effects of Parental Involvement on First-Graders’ Approaches to Learning. Innovations in Child and Family Policy. Multidisciplinary Research and Perspectives on Strenghtening Children and Their Families. E. Douglas. Lanham, Lexington Books.

Carvalhaes, E. (2011). The Effects of School Autonomy on Students’ Reading Achievement in Early Grades: A Dose-Response Treatment Approach (Dissertation under way. Download Executive Summary).

Carvalhaes, E. et al. (being prepared for journal submission). From No Grouping to Double Grouping: Interactive Effects of Within-Class Ability Grouping and Between Class Ability Grouping on Kindergartener’s Reading Gains.

direitos humanos

Direitos Humanos no Cotidiano: Manual (1998). Prefácio de Fernando Henrique Cardoso (Former President of Brazil, 1995-2003). Ministério da Justiça, Secretaria Nacional dos Direitos Humanos in collaboration with UNESCO and University of São Paulo. (More Information).